Method overview

The methods included on the Usewell platform are some of the the most accessible, practical and cost-effective user-centered design research methods for people, organisations and companies looking to include UCD in their work process. On each method page, you will find information on how to apply the method to your project, including tips on preparing to carry out the research, tips on what to do while executing the method and, most importantly, how to analyse the results and share them with your colleagues.

The Usewell methods are a good place to begin. For those who are more experienced, there are also links to a wealth of online resources to help you carry out more advanced methods. If you want additional support, the experts section includes a list of small businesses and research organisations well versed in carrying out UCD research and applying it to various disciplines and contexts, from new products and website redesigns to project reflections.

A tangible version of the card-set which can be printed out and used within a workshop setting (including instructions) is available for download.

A return on investment

Although sometimes hard to quantify, these methods can truly effect your bottom line. For example, studies show that the average software program has 40 design flaws that impair employees' ability to use it.* The Usewell methods aim to drastically reduce those flaws, thus increasing productivity and cost in redeveopment. By bringing recognition of those flaws early in the design process, the chance to learn from users and work with users enables a product that is tested before it even goes into use or into market.

*Landauer, The Trouble With Computers , MIT Press.